6 Great Concentration Exercises

6 Great Concentration Exercises

It is not easy to concentrate especially when we are surrounded by distractions, such as the people around us, the hum of the computer, or other background noises. In order to achieve greater concentration, we need to have a strong will in order to block out all other distractions except for the task at hand. Your thoughts have more power than you give them credit for, and if we apply our will to improving our concentration and reaching our goals, we can take better control of the direction in life that we are headed towards.

Here is a list of great concentration exercises that you should practice if you want to improve your concentration. Keep in mind that you should be calm and relaxed, physically and mentally. You can achieve this state by taking deep breathes and focusing on your breathing.

These exercises should be attempted for 5 minutes, and lengthened to 10 and then 15 minutes when you are satisfied with your own results and achievements. Do not be discouraged, and keep working at them as they seem simple on paper, but actually require a great deal of mental willpower and concentration to achieve. If you find your mind wandering away from the task before the time limit is reached, bring yourself back and start over.

Exercise #1:
Count backwards slowly in your mind, starting from 100 back to 1. Do not allow your mind to wander to other thoughts, such as the time, or why the neighbour’s dog is barking. Focus solely on the numbers, and if you find yourself daydreaming or confused as to which number you are at and which direction you are counting in, start over.

Exercise #2:
You can move on to this exercise when you can complete exercise #1 successfully. This time, count backwards slowly from 100 to 1 in your mind, skipping in multiples of 3. For example, 100, 97, 94 and so on. Like the previous exercise, this should be completely mental. Do not hold a piece of paper with the numbers written on it, and do not use your fingers or any other means of keeping track of your position.

Exercise #3:
Take a simple thought, scenario, or word and keep it focused in your mind for the entire time limit. If it is a word, repeat it to yourself without getting distracted by your favourite way of using the word, or why you picked the word. Focus solely on the word and how it sounds. This should be the same if it is a thought or a scenario. Do not let your mind wander and contemplate why you have picked that particular scenario, or what it means and how it came to be. Focus simply on what it is.

Exercise #4:
Pick a simple object that you are familiar with, such as a pencil, or a fruit. Concentrate and look at the fruit taking in its texture, colour and any other physical attributes that are evident. Spend the entire time limit simply looking and absorbing the object from all angels. Your mind should only be seeing the object, and you should not let it wander to other thoughts.

Exercise #5:
When you are able to complete exercise #4, you can move on to this exercise. Picture the same object in your mind, and try to recall every single detail. The colour, the weight, the feel of the object and how it looks. If you are unable to recall, you may open your eyes to look at the object, and then close your eyes and concentrate again.

Exercise #6:
When you have completed the rest of the exercises, take the entire time limit to sit down and breathe deeply. Focus on your breathing, in and out. Let your mind be cleared of all thoughts, so that your focus is solely on your breathing. Do not entertain any stray thoughts and keep your mind completely clear.

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