Women with ADD and its Effects

Women with ADD and its Effects

Whilst the occurrences of ADD between men and women are about equal, women are more likely to proactively seek treatment. This is just one of the first few differences between men and women. Certainly, the women have it tougher than the men, especially if they have to work to support the family and do double shift when they get home, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids.

Whilst the males are more likely to expel their negative emotions through words and actions, females tend to internalize how they feel. This usually leads to depression, as feelings of inadequacy, guilt and low self esteem work together with ADD. Acknowledging that they have a problem by the name of ADD can come as a relief, as they realize that there is a reason for all the emotional upheavals that they have been experiencing.

Women have it tougher, simply because society expects too much from them. Imagine getting a man to work all day, and then go home and do the chores and care for the children – not going to happen any day soon. So husbands and sons, learn to be more appreciative of what the females are doing for you. That said, there is certainly no need for females to all turn into superheroes.

If you are a female suffering from ADD, you would be wise to pick your own battles. If you cannot cope with working and taking care of the home, choose one and stick with it. If your financial situation does not allow for you to stop working, perhaps you can look into hiring a babysitter or for paid help to assist you with the workload. There is certainly no shame in doing so.

For mothers who suffer from ADD, they may easily find themselves on a short fuse as they tend to the chores and deal with the little mishaps, accidents and interruptions that come with having children. Mothers should hence learn to recognise the possible triggers that may lead to a loss of temper which is detrimental to the family. Talk to the children if they are old enough to understand, and establish some ground rules for when they can and cannot interrupt. If you are unable to cope with the mischief they have whirled up, send them to their rooms and take some time to calm down before dealing with the problem.

There are many medications available for dealing with ADD, and whilst with the help of stimulants it is now possible to focus, do not get too carried away. Try not to attempt more than you normally would, as this would lead you to overworking your body and mind. It is also important to constantly consult your doctor to find out what the medication is supposed to do, and review if it is effective. This is especially if you have an active sex life, are considering expanding the family, or approaching menopause. Different medications can interact differently with your body and result in lowered sex drive for example, so it is recommended that you both discuss what you want and how best to achieve it.

The option of psychotherapy treatments should also be considered seriously, as medication merely solves the symptoms. Therapy and medication are usually prescribed hand in hand, and the treatments can range from individual therapy to family and group therapy.

Remember that you are a capable individual, and that ADD is a problem that can be treated and dealt with so that it no longer negatively impacts your life. Think positive and act positive!

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